Healthy Skin Care Tips

Whether or not we drink plenty of water, most of us experience chronically dry and dehydrated skin during the winter season. Cold air, artificial heat, low humidity, and lack of sunshine can exacerbate skin dryness, especially for those who are prone to eczema, allergies, dryness and sensitivities. While it’s most important for our bodies to get sufficient water intake (the warmer the better), the problem often lies in the barrier of the skin. One of the many purposes of the lipid barrier is to prevent trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL)=simply dehydration. This barrier inevitably breaks down simply by aging and sun-damage, as well as using SLS based cleansers, alcohol based products, over-exfoliation, retinol based products as well as poor diet. To enrich this valuable protective barrier load up on omega-3 rich oils internally and externally. According to the ancient Ayurvedic wellness protocols the entire body is oiled daily. Look for organic plant oils with antioxidant actives such as avocado, grape seed, rosehip, olive leaf and stabilized forms of vitamin C. Active ingredients from 100% pure sources are necessary for skin’s nutrition and repair, resulting in healthy skin.

More ingredients and tips to be explored … come back soon!

Care for Your Skin in-between Appointments


  • Ideally during a warm herbal bath or shower, start with an oil cleansing. Then mix a creamy cleanser with your favorite exfoliant – we love the Monoi exfoliating cleanser mixed with a pea size of the Arctic Berry Enzyme exfoliant – use slow circular motions to re-energize and gently exfoliate dull, dry and de-hydrated skin. Leave on for 2-3 minutes.
  • In your palm blend a creamy hydrating mask like the Bamboo age-defying mask to stimulate collagen with an appropriate Booster (Brightening, Firming, Clearing or Calming), for extra hydration add a couple of drops of your favorite facial oil. Apply to face, neck, decollate and shoulders.
  • Massage – Dip your fingers in a few drops of water, or a green tea if handy, and give yourself a gentle, yet stimulating massage – the longer you massage and keep the mask wet by re-applying some drops of water – the deeper it will penetrate. Don’t worry if you doze off! You can even sleep through the entire night without removing our organic  masks. To remove, use a warm face cloth. (Avoid any clay based masks, they will only dry you out further!
  • To finish this nurturing self-care regime, spritz your face generously with a hydrating tonique (Neroli or Stone crop) and while the skin is still moist apply a few drops of a hydrating serum, nourishing concentrate, eye cream and a rich night cream mixed with a few drops of a light facial oil. Don’t forget the lip balm!


Wash but don’t over-strip

Choosing a mild deep cleansing solution is key for allowing the skin to breathe without dissolving the skin’s protective barrier.

Feed your skin

We need to pay special attention to what we eat and what we feed our skin. As we age blood circulation slows down resulting in less oxygen and nutrients in the skin, this is often the reason for dull, blotchy, and tired looking skin.


Hydrate your skin every morning and evening, even when you’re oily. Dehydrated skin tends to be more sensitive and ages faster. Stressed and imbalanced skin will combat dehydration by overproducing oil resulting in clogged and irritated complexion.

Cover up

Be wise about sun exposure and use sunscreen daily, year-round (80% of the UV rays reflects from snow), wear sun hats and seek shade between 10-4pm. Supplement vitamin D3 internally.


Exercise regularly and absolutely no smoking!!

Forget about indoor tanning!