Signature European Facials

Relax and let us custom build your facial today, we are your skin care experts!

Does your skin need extra hydration after traveling, deep pore cleansing and clarifying, an infusion of vitamins & minerals after a stressful period and long hours at work?

Your facial ritual starts with a thorough analysis and consultation, we’ll create your own customized protocol to address the unique needs of your skin & lifestyle, whether it’s fighting pre-mature aging, reversing sun-damage, deep cleaning or soothing redness and sensitivity, so you can just doze off and let us do our work! 


REVIVE – Seventy minute signature holistic facial ritual

Indulge in this truly reviving experience that will take you beyond skin deep. Drift away into deep relaxation, during this result oriented, customized corrective facial treatment that will address a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging, dehydration, sun damage, sensitivity or blemishes. Expect a relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage, a full hand and arm exfoliation with a deeply hydrating treatment with seasonal organic fruit sugar and butter soufflé. You will leave relaxed, rejuvenated and glowing



RENEW – Ninety minute signature holistic facial ritual

We were tempted to use the words like pampering and luxurious when we developed this facial ritual. Let us treat you to the ultimate head to toe holistic facial ritual that will put you in the moment, restore calm and balance, and a sense of time relished. This wonderful relaxation journey starts with a relaxing cup of Tranquility tea while soaking your tired feet in a refreshing and detoxing foot soak. You will receive an invigorating foot and lower leg sugar scrub followed by a deeply relaxing foot and leg massage. Hands and arms are massaged with hydrating creams. Now that you’re falling into a deep relaxation your fully customized facial, neck and décolleté corrective facial ritual begins. Not only your face will thank you, but your entire body and mind will become completely rejuvenated, relaxed and renewed



RESTORE – Fifty minute signature holistic facial ritual

perfect for monthly maintenance

customized organic facial treatment for your face, neck & décolleté



QUICK REVIVE – Express facial

Pressed for time? Unexpected event? We understand you’re busy, allow yourself to feel refreshed, hydrated and glowing in under 30 minutes



Purifying Back Facial

Deep cleanse and detoxify with purifying herbs, steam and stimulating, mineral rich Hungarian Mud treatment. Exfoliate dead, dry skin and let organic nourishing and balancing masques be absorbed while gently massaged to promote circulation and relaxation. Whether your skin is dry and flaky or oily and congested, this customized Back Facial Ritual is right for you


~ add QUICK REVIVE express facial  ~ 95