Philosophy & Mission


Our mission is to support our guests on their journey towards long-term stress reduction and overall health, beauty & wellness.




Our goal is to heal and restore the skin naturally and to deliver the most active anti-aging treatments available, without the use of harsh ingredients or tools in a supportive, relaxing and beautiful environment.



Inspired by centuries of unsurpassed skin rejuvenation techniques of Europe, combined with the best in modern technology, it is our constant search for products and treatments of the highest quality, packed with the most effective and freshest ingredients known to nature. We always choose to work with eco-conscious companies, that utilize organic and biodynamic farming practices, sustainable wild harvesting, and strive to be environmentally responsible.


We deeply believe that skin, our largest organ, can heal and repair itself when we restore the skin’s protective barrier, replenish essential nutrients, improve circulation and reduce inflammation inside and out.



We strive to provide a peaceful, spa-like experience to everyone who walks-in through our door and each of our team members. We welcome you in an environment that is friendly, supportive, educational and creative.